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Bodhidharma: The Spiritual Power of Single-Minded Determination

Much of the differentiation between schools of Buddhism results from transformations that occurred as the teachings spread from India to the broader reaches of Asia and what we now designate as the Middle East. In the case of the Zen school, traditional accounts credit a single person with bringing a distinct practice lineage, one [...]

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​Koh-Do: The Way of Incense

Incense burning is an ancient practice, dating back to biblical times in the Middle East (where it is thought to have originated) and as far back as the 8th century in Japan. It is considered to be a sacred offering that holds the potential to both calm the mind and give us the opportunity to [...]

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How To Clean Your Incense Bowl

Tools:• Tweezers• Flattened spoon• Sieve• Bowl for holding sieve• Extra incense ashRemove your incense bowl from your altar and place it on a well-lit surface. Begin cleaning the bowl by using tweezers to remove the fragments of unburnt incense sticks from the ash. Take the tweezers and sift through the ash until you find a piece of incense. Lift [...]

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Our Zafu Meditation Cushion Donation Program

Zazen is… the dharma gate of ease and joy.It is undefiled practice-enlightenment. —Zen Master DogenDharma Communications offers free meditation cushions to students, former inmates, military servicemen and women, and other practitioners with limited means. Although we provide a variety of products and services to support our customers’ home practice, it [...]

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Mahapajapati Statue Comes to The Monastery Store

There's a new a statue in The Monastery Store that merits a short telling of its history and how it came to be in the zendo at both the Monastery and the Temple. It’s a handcarved statue of Mahapajapati, the Buddha’s aunt and foster mother, as well as the first Buddhist nun.When Queen Mahamaya died [...]

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