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  • Slogan #2: All Dharmas as Dreams
  • Slogan #5: Rest in the Unborn
  • Slogan #6: Be a Child of Illusion
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Lojong Slogan-Inspired Cards


Product Description

Senior MRO student Michelle Seigei Spark created the “painting” for each card directly on an iPad using a stylus in an art app. Each card is based on a slogan from The Seven Points of Mind Training—the “Lojong"—which are a set of aphorisms formulated by Chekawa Yeshe Dorje in Tibet in the 12th century. Practicing the Lojong slogans involves refining and purifying one's motivations and attitudes to train in compassion.
Cards are available singly or as a set of 4.
Lojong Slogan #2: All Dharmas as Dreams  
All things, emotions, thoughts, perceptions arise and float away like dreams. 
Lojong Slogan #5: Rest in the Unborn
Soften and rest in open unbiased space of mind.
Lojong Slogan #6. Be a Child of Illusion  
Let’s Play in the world as it is, “Oh No!” & “Yes!”
Lojong Slogan #8: 3 Objects, 3 Poisons, and 3 Seeds of Virtue
All living beings dissolve into the emotions as they arise; with the wish, “May all living beings be free.” 
Three poisons are transformed into the three roots of virtue.  
Learn more about the Lojong Slogans.

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