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Zabuton Meditation Mats

A zabuton meditation mat is a flat, square cushion that goes under your zafu meditation cushion, meditation bench, or meditation stool. It is designed to relieve pressure and cushion your knees and ankles during meditation.

Our line of zabuton meditation mats are made in the USA of recycled cotton batting and have sturdy, removable cotton covers that you can machine wash. Our memory foam zabutons are unique and include the Mountain Seat Zabuton, with two inches of cotton batting topped by an inch of memory foam, and the new Cloud Zabuton, with two inches of firm foam topped by an inch of memory foam. Both of these zabutons are staff favorites. All of our zabutons come in black, navy, burgundy, and sage. 

We hear from a lot of customers looking for the perfect zafu meditation cushion. However, those on our staff who log many hours on the cushion feel that investing in a high-quality zabuton meditation mat is the key to sitting in comfort. If you have questions about which zabuton meditation mat is the right one for you, give us a call at 845-688-7993. 

To learn more about zazen meditation, see our Zazen Instructions.



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