Cloud Pattern Scarf: Tenkozan Shibori Variations

Cloud Pattern Scarf: Tenkozan Shibori Variations

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Cloud Pattern Scarf:  Shibori on Pure Wool, Habotai Silk or Silk Charmeuse

Tenkozan: Made on the Mountain collection from the Monastery Stitchery and Dye Studio.

These scarves are unique and one of a kind works of art from the monastics and residents who work in the Monastery Dye Studio. Using traditional Japanese Shibori technique, a manual resist dying technique of tying, sewing or folding and clamping which produces a number of different patterns on fabric, the material is dyed with the natural plant dyes we grow in the Monastery Dye Garden. 

Scarves are 14"x 72"

Pure wool is quite thin and sheer, Habotai is a light weight silk, and Silk Charmeuse is a heavier, richer silk.

Choose from:

[01] Habotai Silk with Marigold Dye, [02] Silk Charmeuse with Marigold and Indigo dye [03] Pure Wool with Indigo [04] Habotai Silk with Coreopsis/Marigold dye [05] Silk Charmeuse with Madder