Dharma Communications


Dharma Communications is the not-for-profit educational and outreach arm of the Mountains and Rivers Order. We are dedicated to producing and offering a range of media—books, CDs and MP3s, DVDs, online radio, and a quarterly journal, the Mountain Record. We also design and maintain a comprehensive website and create our own ads, brochures and catalogs through our web and graphic design department.

At the heart of Dharma Communication’s mission is the spirit of right livelihood, one of the eight principles of the Eightfold path of Buddhism. Work is a pivotal aspect of our spiritual practice, and we understand it both as a gate of self-investigation and an opportunity to serve
the community at large.

As much as possible, we carry products that not only nourish our customers, but also support the local Catskill community and embody a spirit of respect for the environment.

We look forward to serving you. Thank you for your support.