The Mountain Seat

The Mountain Seat

Meditation Cushion

Built to last a lifetime (or two), the Mountain Seat was designed by a group of modern-day monastics right here at Zen Mountain Monastery.

Our patented Mountain Seat combines a stable buck-wheat-hull base with soft memory foam and conforms to your body, whether you're sitting for a moment or a week.

Available in Black, Charcoal, Chocolate, Navy, Burgundy, Cinnamon, Sage or Saffron.

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Being Busy is Easy

Doing nothing? That's another story.

Sitting down in stillness, you can discover something incredibly powerful--your true self. Not some future, more-perfect you, just the real you, in your just-right life.

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Sitting Still is Nothing New

It's a practice that has been passed down, generation after generation, over thousands of years.

To find your seat in this world, you'll need a cushion to call your own.

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"I've been sitting on a Mountain Seat for over 10 years and on a Cloud Zabuton for about 5 years. This is the most comfortable cushion combination I've been able to find." - Zuiko, Monastic

"I've been sitting on a standard Mountain Seat on and off over the past 15 years. I love it..." - Hojin Sensei, Resident Teacher

"I like it for its height, its smooth contact and the way it will squash and settle as I do." - Rakusan, Monastic

Built to Last a Lifetime (or two)

We spend over 1,000 hours a year meditating, which is why we designed such a comfortable and supportive cushion. We want our cushion to conform to everyone's very own, good-enough right-here-now self.

The cushions are hand-crafted by a small, family-owned business in Shelbourne Falls, MA with the highest quality USA-made materials. Our cushion covers are made and dyed in India and the USA.

And all proceeds from the Mountain Seat go to supporting the hundreds of people who come through the monastery every year.

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We've taken a lifetime vow of service. Really!

We'd love to help you find your perfect cushion and we'll be here for you as you learn to use it.

If you're looking for cushions for a group, we offer reduced rates and custom color options.

If you're within 100 miles of the monastery, we'll come to your office or organization to offer meditation instructions just for you.

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Taking Your Seat

The Perfect Pillow for Meditation

Ready for your seat? Watch this brief instructional video on how to meditate.

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