Striped pattern Indigo Shibori Altar Cloth

Striped pattern Indigo Shibori Altar Cloth

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Tenkozan: Made on the Mountain collection from the Monastery Stitchery and Dye Studio produced this lustrous 25" x 26" square altar piece.

To show honor and respect, a beautiful textile is customarily placed under statues, ritual objects, instruments or sacred texts. Altar cloths represent the sacred area of protection during liturgy and can also simply protect the surface of your altar table.

Organic fabric is dyed with natural plant dyes grown & produced at the Monastery Dye Garden & Studio. Shibori is a Japanese technique of tying, sewing, folding & clamping for patterns. Each cloth differ slightly from photo due to hand-production & natural dyes. These items in limited editions, crafted w/ care in the Monastery Stitchery.

Square Organic Hemp Silk with Indigo Shibori design. Altar Cloth is 25" x 26" and is lined with a backing of organic white linen. 

Color: Blue & white

Care Instruction: 

Tenkozan dyes are naturally produced from plants that we grow and process here. They are not chemically stabilized or fixed. 

For best results, arrange your altar out of direct sunlight. If necessary, spot clean with a damp cloth. To remove a wax spill, lay brown craft paper (or paper bag) over the wax and iron until the wax soaks into the paper. Move to a fresh area of the paper and iron. Repeat until no more wax is soaking into paper. 

Expect a fading and softening of color to occur over time.