Right Action

National Buddhist Prison Sangha

The National Buddhist Prison Sangha (NBPS) is a nationwide network of Buddhist volunteers whose mission is to support inmates' spiritual practice by corresponding with incarcerated practitioners, visiting prisons, and leading practice groups.

Earth Initiative

Arising from profound love and deep respect for the earth, the Green Dragon Earth Initiative is an ongoing effort by the sangha of the Mountains and Rivers Order to address the individual, institutional, national and global degradation of our planet.

Beyond Fear of Differences

The Beyond Fear of Difference initiative arises directly from the Great Bodhisattva Vows: to alleviate the suffering of every human being; to put an end to all self-serving desires; to profoundly study and realize the Dharma; and to perfectly manifest this real truth in every aspect of our lives. The particular focus of this group is to examine how the dharma can illuminate the persistent forms of bias that shape our experience of the world.

Zen Kids & Zen Teens

The Zen Kids Sunday Program is a once-a-month, three-hour play practice for children and their parents. The emphasis is on observing and feeling the inner and outer worlds and how they interrelate, rather than on form or discipline, so many of the activities include Buddhist teachings, yet do not refer explicitly to them.