Zen Kids & Zen Teens

The Zen Kids Sunday Program is a once-a-month, three-hour play practice for children and their parents. The emphasis is on observing and feeling the inner and outer worlds and how they interrelate, rather than on form or discipline, so many of the activities include Buddhist teachings, yet do not refer explicitly to them.


The morning revolves loosely around a theme. After a short period of caretaking (work practice), we may explore the natural world surrounding the Monastery and come back to transform these experiences into a creative expression such as music, poetry, storytelling, crafts, theater or movement. After a snack comes playtime in the meadow, and weather permitting, sledding or swimming in the river. At the program’s end, we join the community for lunch in the main building.

This short video presents Zen Mountain Monastery's Zen Kids Program.

We operate as a parent cooperative, with support from ZMM monastics and residents. For more information, or to pre-register, please email Zuisei at zuisei@dharma.net, or call her at (845) 688-7993.


Zen Teens/Pre-Teen Program

The Zen Teens/Tweens program is for youth ages 9-14.  At this age, many kids are ready to explore some of the more formal aspects of Buddhism, albeit with a light touch. Each session of Zen Teens/Tweens includes two brief periods of seated meditation, a walking meditation (done outside when the weather is fair,) a liturgy service that includes chanting, bowing and offering incense, and a social snacktime. After snack, the group embarks on an activity related to our present theme of study. Themes are drawn from Buddhist teachings and introduced in ways that are age-appropriate and brought alive through exploring nature, creative expression, movement and discussion. Zen Teens/Tweens is designed to promote a positive sense of self, offer healthy ways of relating, and instill the message that each one of us is perfect and complete just as we are.


For more information, please contact Kyusan at zenteens@dharma.net. Please note that parents do not participate in this program; instead, they can join the regular Sunday service at the Monastery.

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