Our Zafu Meditation Cushion Donation Program

Zazen is… the dharma gate of ease and joy.

It is undefiled practice-enlightenment.

—Zen Master Dogen

The Monastery Store offers free meditation cushions to students, former inmates, military servicemen and women, and other practitioners with limited means. Although we provide a variety of products and services to support our customers’ home practice, it is the zafus and zabutons that are most directly connected to zazen—the heart of Zen—so we are especially interested in making them available to the various kinds of practitioners who periodically contact us asking for donations. 

We’re hoping that you will join our efforts by sending us your old zafu cushions, or by making a secure PayPal donation on our Donate Page. We’ll use these monetary donations to cover the basic cost of manufacturing new zafu cushions, which we will then set aside and use exclusively for this donation program.

You can also send us your cushions for donation by mailing them at the least expensive rate to you to:

The Monastery Store
ATTN: Cushion Donations
871 Plank Road
Mount Tremper, NY 12457

We understand the difficult work of turning inward in order to understand our mind deeply. We also know that the dharma gate of ease and joy is always open, if we are only willing to walk through it. It is our hope that having walked through the gate yourself, you’ll want to open up the way for someone else. Thank you for your support and your practice.

For details, please call 845.688.7993 or email us.