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We stand by our meditation cushions because we sit on them every day.

Monastics living at Zen Mountain Monastery developed our line of meditation cushions, including our patented Mountain Seat Zafu* meditation cushion. All of our cushions are made to the highest-quality standards within a 250-mile radius of The Monastery Store and come in Black, Navy, Burgundy and Sage colors. Need advice on choosing a cushion? Check out our chart below, or read our blog post about Choosing a Meditation Cushion.

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Need a reason to upgrade? Donate your old cushion so that we can offer it free of charge to students, formerly incarcerated people, or military service people. Learn about our Zafu Meditation Cushion Donation Program.

  Product Materials/Size Price Description
KaBu Zafu Half Buckwheat, Half Kapok 9" high x 14" diameter $108

The kapok side is a softer seat, the buckwheat side provides a firmer base. Great for tall and less-flexible meditators.

Mountain Seat zafu
Mountain Seat Zafu (standard) Memory foam and buckwheat 7" high x 13" diameter $99

Has viso-elastic foam for extra comfort and a higher loft, taking the stress off your knees and ankles.

Mountain Seat large
Mountain Seat Zafu (large) Memory foam and buckwheat 8.5" high x 14" diameter $109

Oversized version with memory foam. For those who are less flexible, or suffering from chronic injuries, knee problems, or discomfort.

SeiFu Adjustable Meditation Cushion Buckwheat 8-15" high x 13" diameter $99

Adjustable height is ideal for those who switch sitting positions and require different heights. Best for large frames, or for less flexible sitters.

standard buckwheat zafu 250pix
Bodhi Seat Buckwheat Zafu (standard) Buckwheat 9" high x 13" diameter $59 For those of average height who switch between cross-legged and kneeling postures.
small buckwheat zafu 250pix
Bodhi Seat Buckwheat Zafu (small) Buckwheat 6.5" high x 13" diameter $49

For those who like the firmness of buckwheat in a lower seat.

kapok zafu
Bodhi Seat Kapok Zafu
Kapok 7" high x 13" diameter $59 Best for those who are comfortable sitting lower to the ground (or who like the softness of kapok).
Black Tibetan Mountain Seat
Tibetan Mountain Seat Memory foam on firm foam 18" long x 7" high x 12" wide $108 Firm yet conforming to your body, this cushion is best for meditators who like to sit high, with legs crossed at the ankles.
Bodhi Seat Zabuton
Bodhi Seat Zabuton 20 layers of cotton batting in removable cover 27" x 32" x 4" $89 For those who are comfortable with a firmer mat or who don't suffer much pain during meditation.
Mountain Seat Zabuton

Mountain Seat Zabuton Memory foam and cotton batting 27" x 32" x 3" $149  With a layer of memory foam for those who want a cushier meditation mat or who need relief from painful pressure points.
Cloud zabu web
The Cloud Zabuton Firm foam and a layer of soft memory foam 29" x 31" x 3" $149 Best for those who want a very soft and pliable meditation mat. Especially helpful for those sitting with injuries.
Valley zabu
The Valley Zabuton 10 layers of cotton batting in removable cover 27" x 32" x 2 $74 Our original "classic" mat that's thinner than the others but still comfortable. Stores and travels easily.

*U.S. Patent Number 9,668,584 B2

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