Zen Mountain Monastery Wildflower Honey

Zen Mountain Monastery Wildflower Honey

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[1] 6oz. Jar of Organic Honey (Second batch of the year!)

Tenkozan: Made on the Mountain collection from the Monastery Apiary

Raw, organic honey made by the bees kept at the Monastery Apiary. Our bees visit wild clover, black locust flowers, and all of the organic goodies in the Monastery garden and environs, the bees produce a unique honey that is for so much more than stirring into your tea. Drizzle over ice cream, yogurt or fine hard cheese, or enjoy right off the spoon. The color and subtle flavors of each jar vary by batch.

We have just finished extracting our honey from the fall nectar flow here at ZMM. This year’s batch is very dark in color and rich in flavor. It still has the usual abundant floral sweetness, but also has a rich earthiness making it a very complex honey. Recent research has shown that darker honey has a higher antioxidant content than the lighter. We think you’ll enjoy it!

Please limit your purchase to 2 jars per order.

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