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The Monastery Store is the only place you'll find zafu meditation cushions with memory foam. Whether you prefer a traditional round buckwheat zafu, or a Tibetan-style Mountain Seat, our selection of memory foam zafus includes firm bases topped by a thick layer of memory foam for comfort during long periods of sitting meditation. Our newest Cloud Zafu incorporates the elements of Tibetan Mountain Seat in a traditional, round zafu shape. Both the Mountain Seat Zafu and the Cloud Zafu are perfect for cross-legged or kneeling postures; the Tibetan Mountain Seat is for those who prefer to sit in sukhasana—“easy pose"—with legs crossed at the ankles.

Our exclusive memory foam zabutons include the Mountain Seat Zabuton, with two inches of cotton batting topped by an inch of memory foam, and the new Cloud Zabuton, with two inches of firm foam topped by an inch of memory foam. Both of these zabutons are staff favorites.

Interested in buying cushions for your organization, sitting group or business? We offer discounts on quantity orders. Contact the store manager,at or (845) 688-7993 for more information.

To learn more about zazen meditation, see our Zazen Instructions.

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