Buddha's Enlightenment Wall Hanging

Buddha's Enlightenment Wall Hanging

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This gorgeous hand-carved wooden relief sculptures represent the moment the Buddha attained enlightenment. He is deeply rooted to the earth while sitting on a lotus throne with lotus blossoms on the sides and a halo of flame.

The Monastery Store is committed to carrying altar images such as these that are created and shipped using sustainable materials while guaranteeing a fair price for the artisans involved.

These particular images come from Ni Putu Sri Ekawati and her studio in Bali.

Eka's statement:

"I'm from Bali. People say I'm a stubborn woman with strong principles and that I never give up. I like aerobic, yoga and also reading. I came from a simple family that strongly maintained Balinese customs and discipline. I love the tranquil environment during the night. It's the best time to evaluate myself — what I did today, and also the growth of the workshop. I keep trying any potential possibilities. We'll never know the result if we never try.

I really like wood sculpture, so now I have started to get involved myself in the design. I am inspired by the current trends and combine it with Balinese culture. The carving itself is done by three men and three women wood carvers who work with manual tools."


  • Made from Suar Wood.
  • 1.1 lbs
  • 13.5" H x 10.25" W x 0.8" D
  • Wood grain, color, and pattern will differ slightly as each is unique
  • An unobtrusive metal hook comes already installed.
  • Made in Indonesia and signed by the artist