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The True Dharma Eye: Talks 26-50 by John Daido Loori (mp3)

The True Dharma Eye: Talks 26-50 by John Daido Loori (mp3)

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Given at Zen Mountain Monastery by John Daido Loori, Roshi over a period of sixteen years, the three hundred talks given on the koans contained in the book The True Dharma Eye: Master Dogen's Three Hundred Koans are now available as mp3 audio files.

The first and second installments of talks 1-25 and 26-50, respectively, are now available as sets (minus case 3, which was not recorded). Each talk includes Daido Roshi and Kaz Tanahashi's translation of the main case, as well as Daido Roshi's extended commentary and verse on each of the cases. An invaluable resource for those interested in koan study or the work of 13th-century Zen Master Eihei Dogen.

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