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Huike said to Bodhidharma, "My mind is not at peace. Please, set it at peace, master."
Bodhidharma replied, "Bring me your mind and I'll set it at peace for you."
After sitting exhaustively, Huike returned and said to the master, "I've searched and searched, but I cannot find the mind."

"There," said Bodhidharma, "I've set it at peace for you."
—Zen koan

When creating an altar, it's important to select the image with care. It should be a statue that you resonate with. From the uncompromising determination of Bodhidharma, to the fierce discerning wisdom of Manjushri, to the courage and fearlessness of Mahaprajapati, to the gentle protectiveness of Jizo—our selection of Buddhist statues comes in a wide range of sizes, postures and qualities so that you can select a statue that embodies the qualities that inspire your practice.

To learn more about Bodhidharma, the first ancestor of Zen, read our blog post about his single-minded determination.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our Buddhist statues. Feel free to email us or give us a call at (845) 688-7993—we'd love to help. 

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