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The MONASTERY CLAY STUDIO is where original designs for handcrafted ceramics are born out of the monastic training life on Mount Tremper.  Tenkozan: Made on the Mountain, is the Monastery's collection of products hand made for your life and spiritual practice.

When you handle an item from the Monastery Clay Studio, you are also touching the life of the Mountain: the earth, the trees and the daily liturgy at the Monastery. The glazes contain clay from Mount Tremper [Tenkozan], as well as ash from the hearths and incense bowls, you are also touching the earth that offers its colorful beauty, the sunshine that gives us power for the kiln, the rain in the water used to form the clay, as well people, who's hands imprint the forms.

Since these items are hand made, and one of a kind in their own way, they are all offered in limited editions, and some variation is a natural and expected part of the joy and uniqueness of what you receive, that we hope nourishes your spirit.

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