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Incense burning has been an important practice in many of the world's religious traditions. Light a stick of incense before a period of work, study, liturgy, or meditation. To offer a stick of incense, light the tip of the stick and gently fan it to put out the flame. Place the stick in an incense burner or in a bowl filled with ash, sand, or rice. Short incense sticks burn for approximately 25 minutes; long incense sticks burn for approximately 45 minutes.

Our Specialty Incense includes a wide selection of Japanese incense from Shoyeido and Fu-In. If you have any questions about our Specialty Incense, please feel free to email us, or call us at (845) 688-7993—we'd love to help.

To learn more about incense, read our blog post about Koh-Do: The Way of Incense.

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