Balinese Buddha (Grayish Brown)
Balinese Buddha (Grayish Brown)
Balinese Buddha (Grayish Brown)

Balinese Buddha (Grayish Brown)

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2,500 years ago Shakyamuni Buddha sat under the bodhi tree and vowed to not get up until he attained enlightenment. Because of this act, millions of practitioners today are able to follow the Buddhist path. The Monastery Store is committed to carrying altar images such as these that are created and shipped using sustainable materials while guaranteeing a fair price for the artisans involved.

These hand-carved Buddha statues were made by master craftsman Wayan Rendah and purchased through a Fair Trade importer.

  • Crocodile wood
  • 1.3 lbs
  • 9" high x 6" wide x 3.9" deep
  • Wood grain, color, and pattern will differ slightly as each is unique. Some have a more gray-green tint than what appears in the photos.
  • Made in Indonesia.

Here is an artist statement by Wayan Rendah:

"I was born in Bali on June 17, 1973. I'm the oldest of seven children in a family consisting of four brothers and three sisters. I started to learn to sculpt at the age of eight when I was still in primary school, learning from my father how to carve traditional statues from wood. Balinese woodcarving touches me very deeply. I have learned a variety of arts in Bali, such as gamelan dance, but carving a piece of wood gives me an incomparable sensation.

At first, I sold my statues to the sellers in the art market and at small shops. After I finished school, I studied with Wayan Purna so as to have a stronger foundation to build upon because, even at a young age, I knew that what I wanted was to be able to create the ideas I had in my head. But to do this I needed more experience, and the tools and material I needed were beyond my financial reach.

My ideas were unconventional at the time — developing abstract figures inspired by the form and texture of the piece of wood I had selected, combining traditional themes with modern poses and more sensual shapes.

As time went by, I was able to bring out my ideas by selecting different types of wood and concentrating on the themes that could satisfy my creative desires."

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