Collection: Tenkozan: Handmade on the Mountain

Tenkozan, "heavenly light mountain" is the Japanese spiritual name Daido Loori Roshi gave to Mount Tremper, where the Monastery is situated in full view of the peaks off to the North. Within the Monastery's daily operations, monastics and residents work and practice with the land, using their hands, hearts and creative instinct to produce Tenkozan: Made on the Mountain, a line of products made on and of the mountain, for your life and spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice reaches everywhere: growing food that serves the sangha, buildings and grounds maintenance, hosting guests, art practice, zazen and liturgy. We’ve chosen a few areas of our community life on which to focus our creative endeavor.

Until now, we have only been able to offer our handmade wares in our on-site store. Since everything is handmade, some slight variation will be typical, and all items are available as either one of a kind or limited edition offerings.  We are so happy to be able to offer these works of art and love to our online customers. 

Included in this collection are items from the Monastery Dye Garden, Dye Studio and Stitchery, the Monastery Apiary and the Monastery Statuary.

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