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The MONASTERY STITCHERY is where original designs for handcrafted fabric items are born out of the monastic training life on Mount Tremper.  Tenkozan: Made on the Mountain, is the Monastery's collection of products hand made for your life and spiritual practice.

A few years ago, the Monastery Dye Garden emerged: an organic garden for the exclusive purpose of growing flowers and other plants used to craft 100% natural plant based dyes. The Dye Studio was established to process the plants into pigment and to dye the organic fabrics we use.

Many of the Stitchery and Dye Studio projects are made with a technique called Shibori, which is a traditional Japanese manual resist dying technique of tying, sewing or folding and clamping which produces a number of different patterns on fabric. 

When you handle an item from the Monastery Stitchery, you are also touching the mountain, the sunshine, the rain, the dirt and the worms. You are connecting with the people that prepared the soil, watered the beds, harvested the plants, as well as those who created the patterns, dyed the fabric and sewed the seams. 

Since these items are hand made, and one of a kind in their own way, they are all offered in limited editions, and some variation is a natural and expected part of the joy and uniqueness of what you receive, that we hope nourishes your spirit.

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